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Christian Thomson is a fully accredited Performance Coach who has achieved
World Kick Boxing Championship gold and recognition as Coach of the Year by
the body transformation awards 2017. His innovative practice incorporates the
latest scientific developments in optimum health technology with his expertise as an athlete to deliver impressive and measurable results. Moving beyond the usual remit of personal training Thomson utilises potent psychological and neurological techniques to help others gain pain free, powerful bodies.

Thomson’s personal story has been a transformation from inactivity, dysfunction and excess weight, to a phenomenal increase in all aspects of his physical well being. Having experienced the benefits of mindful exercise and nutrition, plus cutting edge science based treatments, Thomson has refined his winning formula into a unique and groundbreaking fitness approach he can share.

“During my journey I healed myself from chronic fatigue syndrome, (that was so bad if I sat down for longer than 5 minutes I would want to sleep) I managed to win 5 British and 1 World Kickboxing titles and recovered from an injury that no one could explain or fix.

When I started I was a dyslexic, chronically fatigued kid that couldn’t spell words longer than 3 or 4 letters. Through the techniques I had mastered from many of my teachers I had taught myself how to utilise more of my brain rid myself of real health problems and become a champion.

Today I dedicate 20 hours a week of my time to studying the most up to date
research so I can ensure I am always at my best to help my clients. My aim is to create self-reliant pain free powerful bodies with constant online and offline support. The first and most important thing to ascertain is always your current state of health including your neurological state, you can’t out train a weak muscle caused by poor neurology just as you can’t out train a bad diet or lifestyle. I train people to be the best versions of themselves.” – CT

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  • Black belt in Mugendo
  • Premier Diploma in Personal Training
  • Sports Massage
  • PDTR (Functional Neurology)
  • Sports Nutrition
  • First aid Instructor
  • Body Transformation Academy
  • Photo Bio Modulation (Thor laser)
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  • World kickboxing champion 2011
  • X5 British Kickboxing champion
  • Junior European kickboxing champion 2005
  • Body transformation coach of the year 2016
  • Owned a fitness continued professional development company
  • Owned a gym