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their dietary needs, physical strengths, dysfunctions and activity history are all specific to them alone. To attain optimum condition is a personal journey, there is no “one size fits all” approach when the needs of each human are so diverse. I offer true bespoke coaching, looking in detail at all relevant aspects of a client’s health before recommending treatment plans that are a good fit for their attributes, challenges and aspirations.

Technology has given us the tools to actively investigate the precise state of a person’s health. Monitoring each client’s progress closely I use 3 metabolic markers to assess daily stress levels and use the data to inform every decision as we navigate a custom journey to wellness.

The programme includes:
  1. Daily nutritional support.
  2. Full exercise program.
  3. Daily contact and advice on activities.
  4. Discover what to eat based on your daily stress markers.
  5. Discover when to train and what type of training based on your daily stress markers.
  6. Access to a gold standard lab test to determine an individual’s true resting metabolic rate, take the guesswork out of kcal counting and get the insider knowledge the pros have.
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This includes daily contact via WHATSAPP and a weekly coaching call so you’ll be constantly supported as you work towards your goals.

Programs can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and availability, so you can manage your commitment as you go.  

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